Braintrust Ag: THE Peer Group for Business-Minded Ag People

Braintrust Ag is a community of more than 250 farmers, ranchers, and folks running ag businesses; all focused on making our farms and ranches better.

Join us, and you’ll get the tools and advice you need, meet folks who think like you, and learn and pass on wisdom that will help you start or grow your ag business and leave a lasting legacy.

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Why you’ll fit in

Agriculture is a lonely endeavor. So we’re forming a tribe of like minded ag folks dedicated to building better ag operations.

This peer group is for you if you can relate to these four cornerstones:

1 Business Minded

Fundamental business principles create the sound foundation to build a profitable and sustainable ag operation. By cutting through the noise and focusing on these essentials, we can eliminate distractions, make informed decisions, and work effectively towards long-term legacy building.

2 Foster Connections

A strong network is our lifeline in agriculture. Connecting with like-minded peers and experts not only combats industry isolation but also sparks innovative solutions tailored to our unique challenges. Building lasting relationships reveals the true benefit our community provides.

3 Givers Not Takers

Sharing insights and experiences enriches both individual operations and the industry at large. By adopting a giving mindset and sharing freely of our insights, we create a cycle of mutual benefit that drives overall progress.

4 Legacy Builders

Our focus isn’t on get rich quick schemes, but on building sustainable operations that last for generations. The ultimate reward lies in leaving a lasting, positive impact on both the agricultural industry and the communities we serve.

Still have questions? Here’s a recent post where the Braintrust Ag community is further defined and I give a closer look behind the scenes.

What We Do

Member Benefits

S. O. I. L. Gatherings

Every other week, members join a Zoom call to share their Stories, Opportunities, Insights, and Lessons on particular ag topics.

Expert Q & A

Each month, members get to have their questions answered by ag business experts through live, virtual events.

Resource Library

Gain access to downloadable resources like eBooks, spreadsheets, calculators, guides, checklists, templates, and media.


Forge connections with other like-minded producers through a forum and direct messaging.

Our Testimonials

What They’re talking about

I finally found what other entrepreneurs have in other industries… a peer group to bounce business ideas around.


Ben, Community Member

Thanks to the spreadsheets, eBooks, and knowledge I’ve learned, I was able to get a beginning farmer loan.


Jason, Community Member

Membership to this group should be $1,000 and $149 per year, not just a one-time price of $149.


Paul, Community Member

Our Community in Numbers

Engaged Community Members

States Represented

Downloadable Resources

Ag Focused Content
You don’t have to be a member to get benefits

We’re Here to help

We have a growing directory of “Pro Providers,” vetted experts in agriculture. What are the criteria for them to be in this directory? They must be a TEACHER FIRST and a salesperson second.

We’ve also got some great free resources listed below:

  • 18 Farm Financial Ratios eBook + Calculator
  • Personal Affairs Organizer
  • Crop Share Playbook
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