An understanding of non-ag perceptions

Sep 12, 2023 | Uncategorized

When talking with non-ag folks, I need to remind myself their perception of agriculture may be limited — or frankly inaccurate.

I’m willing to bet if I asked 10 random people on the street to describe “what is a farm?”… that I’d get 9.5 uniquely different answers.

We’re influenced by:

  • past experiences
  • our circle of friends
  • prominent public figures
  • press, social media, tv & films

But, they usually don’t show the whole picture.

Ag can be as diverse as:

–> a couple acre produce garden & handful of livestock using hand tools


–> tens of thousands of acres & head of livestock using the latest spaceship-esque technology and all types of operations in between.

So, this leads me to a couple things I have to keep in mind:

1. Patience to explain the diversity of agriculture to those unfamiliar

2. There’s no “right” way to farm

By remembering these considerations, I hope to show non-ag folks a clearer picture of what the industry is about…

And, maybe they’ll have a more favorable view of ag.

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