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Member Resources

One of the many benefits paid members receive is access to an ever-growing library of downloadable resources.


  • 18 Farm Financial Ratios
  • Financial Ratios Calculator
  • Farm Business Entities Guide


  • Farm Budget Forecast
  • 13 Wk Cash Budget Template
  • Farm Financial Statement
  • Crop Cost of Production Budgets
  • Livestock Cost of Production
  • Budgets
  • Breakeven Worksheet (Crops)
  • Cow Herd Budget Comparisons

Business Plans

  • Sample Farm Business Plan
  • General Business Plan Template
  • Proforma: Farmland (Cash Rent)
  • Proforma: Operating Farm


  • Cash Rent Agreement
  • Budget Review
  • Ag Employer
  • Farmland Purchase
  • Equip. Buy vs. Lease
  • Home-guying

Business Financial Series

  • Complete Finance PDFs
  • 13-Week Cash Budget
  • Business Plan
  • VIDEO: Complete Series

Agreements Templates

  • Equipment Rental
  • Farmland Lease
  • Farm Asset Management
  • Land Real Estate Purchase
  • Sample Consulting
  • Right Of First Refusal


  • Worksheet 1: Assets & Title
  • Worksheet 2: Goals & Objectives
  • Worksheet 3: Retirement Budget

Farm Machinery Resources

  • IA St Custom Work Rates
  • MI St. Custom Work Rates
  • Machinery Cost Calculator

Industry Resources

  • 2023 Alltech Agri-Food Outlook
  • NE Rural Farmer’s Market Guide
  • Broiler Production Mgmt
  • USDA Ag Leasing Handbook
  • Buying Farmland Guide


  • Cash Farm Lease
  • Crop Share Farm Lease
  • Simple Farm Lease
  • Building Lease
  • Farm Machinery Lease
  • Livestock Rental Lease


  • Letter to Landowner Template
  • Weekly Mgmt Meeting
  • 50 States Extension Sites
  • Carbon Contract Concepts
  • Ag Employee Handbook
  • H2A Ag Workers Overview
  • Farm Business Entities
  • Federal Labor Law Guide
  • 1031 Exchange Flowchart
  • Farmland Purchase Analysis
  • Land Rent Calculator
  • Farm Entity Comparison
  • Housing Benefit Calculator

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