King of square bales

Sep 13, 2023 | Uncategorized

At age 15 I wanted to become the King of square bales & figured that’s how I’d make millions.

So, I bought an old, beat up IH 46 square baler for a few hundred bucks & hooked it to my Allis Chalmers D17 Series IV. I had no idea those balers were junk, especially old worn out ones…

My neighbor had finished combining an oat field & he agreed to let me bale a hayrack full (~100 bales). Eagerly, I set out with my tractor, baler, and hayrack to drive the 4 miles in the summer heat to the oat field where I was destined to launch my square bale business.

But, that’s not what happened.

Got to the field, fired up the baler, and spent the next three hours fighting that junk baler to make 10 loose, banana shaped bales. Dripping with sweat & having run out of choice words to yell at the knotters, I was about to give up.

Until I saw the neighbor pull in with his New Holland 565, drop the pick-up, and crank out 90 bales in what seemed like 10 minutes…

I was green with envy. He pulled up & told me he had been watching me battle my baler & couldn’t believe I hadn’t quit yet. He also confirmed my baler ought to be sold for scrap metal.

He took pity on me.

Those 90 bales he made were for me. Told me to load up my hayrack & he’d bale me another 100 while I was gone.

Said he wanted to help a young neighbor who was stubborn enough to sweat in an oat field for 3 hours, fighting to get $300 worth of straw bales…

I’ll never forget that generosity, and we became friends and eventually he became my feed customer.

My takeaway: What he did was really no big deal to him. It didn’t cost him much

  • Time
  • Effort
  • Money

But, it had an incredible impact on me. Instead of getting frustrated & quitting…

I upgraded balers, learned how to fix & maintain it, and baled thousands of square bales over the next few years.

I learned what seem like small good deeds to us, can be seen as real game changers to those we’re helping.

So, if a few minutes of my time, tools, and resources can help the next person… well, I guess I owe it to Chris to pass on the generosity.

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