Great Plains Livestock Consulting – Levi McPhillips

Levi McPhillips, Ph.D.


Levi McPhillips, Ph.D., serves as a key consultant at Great Plains Livestock Consulting, Inc., which is located in the Central U.S. and offers specialized consulting services to beef operations of all sizes. With a strong background in agricultural business, Levi and his team provide comprehensive on-farm consulting including nutritional advice, employee training, profit projections, breeding programs, and other strategies aimed at maximizing animal performance and operational profitability.

Great Plains Livestock Consulting stands out by not working for any feed companies, positioning itself as an independent consultancy that prioritizes cost-effective, client-oriented nutritional solutions. The team, made up of predominantly cattle owners themselves, deeply understands the industry’s challenges, such as diminishing profit margins and evolving practices. Innovative solutions provided by GPLC include the use of economically viable feed resources, precise feeding strategies for all types of beef cattle operations, as well as custom mineral and supplementation programs. Regularly attending conferences and leveraging a broad network across a large service area allows them to stay abreast of the latest industry trends and effectively address regional challenges, thereby ensuring that their advice is both current and relevant.